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Things to Do in Lumbarda

Things to Do in Lumbarda - sand sculpture

If you plan to visit Lumbarda sometime soon here are some things to do here that I can recommend which may be helpful to make the most of your stay.

Lumbarda is the village that is well known for its ‘Grk’ wine production so the first thing I can recommend is to visit local wineries to try their homemade wine. You will find a list of local wineries in Lumbarda here.

The village is also known for its artists – painters and sculptors so I recommend you to visit the studios that are often open to visitors or if not, get in touch with them and visit their studios by appointment.

There are also seasonal art exhibitions going on in the art gallery ‘Tri Volta’, located in the heart of the village, where local as well as (occasionally) some other artists show their work.

If you are into outdoor activities, then Lumbarda is a perfect place for you.

Covering the whole Eastern part of Korcula Island, Lumbarda has an easily accessible and fairly flat coastline that is ideal for sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, or micro island-hopping around the archipelago (rent a boat)

You will find along Lumbarda’s beaches several places that are run by locals, offering windsurfing and kayaking equipment which you can rent for a day or two and try some of these activities.

There is also a scuba diving school and club in the village so you may consider trying that too (see details here)

Sandcastle building on Lumbarda's beach
Sandcastle building on Lumbarda's beach

Having a couple of lovely sandy beaches the village offers all sorts of other beach fun activities that are especially engaging for small children. Like sandcastle building (instructions) or sand sculpture making (see above photo where a friend of mine sculptured this lovely sandy face) or any other sand creation. It can be great fun trying to create something in the sand.

Hiking nr Lumbarda views

If you are into exploring around, a net of footpaths, tarmac lanes, and roads are leading through Lumbarda’s vineyards ( for example Gornje Blato field) that are ideal for hiking or cycling and mountain biking routes and trails. This can be a great activity for cooler parts of the day (early mornings and late afternoons). See lovely views on the above photo that I took on my recent walk on the hills above the village.

There are also regular yoga lessons going on in the center of the village, run by a local yoga group so perhaps you can consider joining them.

If you are into culture, then a short drive from Lumbarda or a short water taxi ride is  Korcula Old Town where you can visit local museums and do some sightseeing around its medieval walls and cobbled streets (see details here).

There are also several day trips from Lumbarda that are easy to arrange and I can recommend:

  • Korcula Walking Tour
  • An island tour by bus, taxi or self-drive to explore the rest of Korcula Island.
  • A trip to local archipelago or/and Orebic, Viganj & Kuciste using a water taxi, local ferries or sea kayak (if the weather is fine and you are experienced kayaker)
  • A self-guided trip to Hvar, Brac, Mljet, and Dubrovnik using fast ferries (depart in the morning and get back in the evening)

Local tourist agencies also offer a variety of activities and day trips, most of them similar to the ones I described above. You can check with them once you arrive and let them organize something for you if you prefer it that way.

I hope these suggestions will inspire you to get exploring and find more fun things to do in Lumbarda.

If you have more ideas on what to do here, let me know