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Gornje Blato

Gornje Blato is a fertile field situated between the hills on the south-west edge of Lumbarda village. It entirely belongs to families from the village where olives and grapes are cultivated since the early times. This area is an ideal place to go for a walk or cycle in the early mornings or late afternoons to avoid the midday heat. The area does not offer any views over the sea but just over the surrounding hills and at certain points over the Sveti Ilija mountain (see below photo).

Some photos of visiting Gornje Blato – the local olive groves and vineyards:

The vineyard in Gornje Blato

The vineyard in Gornje Blato where grape Plavac Mali is grown.

The olive groves of Gornje Blato

The olive groves of Gornje Blato

Location Map:

location of gornje blato field
GPS/ Coordinates: 42.931491, 17.142207