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Weather in Lumbarda

Sunny afternoon in Lumbarda @ Vela Przina Beach
A sunny afternoon in Lumbarda @ Vela Przina Beach

Six days weather forecast for Lumbarda, Korcula Island – Hourly weather with a 6-day forecast:

Weather Forecast for Lumbarda

Forecast for Lumbarda Precip.Temp.Windspeed
29.07.202119–24Light rain<1 mm16 °CLight breeze from2 m/s
30.07.202100–06Cloudy0 mm15 °CLight air from1 m/s
06–12Light rain showers<1 mm14 °CLight air from1 m/s
12–18Partly cloudy0 mm20 °CLight air from1 m/s
18–24Partly cloudy0 mm25 °CLight breeze from2 m/s
31.07.202100–06Cloudy0 mm19 °CLight air from1 m/s
06–12Light rain<1 mm18 °CLight breeze from3 m/s
12–18Light rain<1 mm17 °CLight breeze from3 m/s
18–24Cloudy0 mm17 °CLight breeze from3 m/s
01.08.202102–08Rain2 mm16 °CLight air from1 m/s
08–14Rain2 mm14 °CLight breeze from3 m/s
14–20Rain showers2 mm16 °CGentle breeze from4 m/s
20–02Partly cloudy0 mm15 °CLight breeze from2 m/s
02.08.202102–08Partly cloudy0 mm12 °CLight breeze from3 m/s
08–14Cloudy0 mm11 °CLight breeze from3 m/s
14–20Partly cloudy0 mm15 °CLight breeze from3 m/s
20–02Partly cloudy0 mm15 °CLight air from1 m/s
03.08.202102–08Partly cloudy0 mm12 °CLight air from1 m/s
08–14Partly cloudy0 mm12 °CLight air from1 m/s
14–20Partly cloudy0 mm16 °CLight breeze from2 m/s
20–02Partly cloudy0 mm15 °CLight air from1 m/s

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Cloudy day on Lumbarda’s beach

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