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Vela Przina Beach

Vela Przina is the largest and best-known sandy beach in Lumbarda and one of the most popular on the whole Korcula Island and beyond. Facing the south, this beach is one of the sunniest and driest places on the Island too. The eastern end of the half-kilometer-long sandy beach is the quietest while the west end is popular with families and visitors. The beach overlooks the Lastovo Channel and offers unrestricted views over the sea and horizon.

Views over Vela Przina Beach in Lumbarda

Views over the beach

Situated in the south-facing bay very close to the end bit of the island (see below map), the beach borders with famous Grk Wine vineyards on the north and pine woods on the east edge. The beach is also well visited out of swimming season by people who come here for a stroll and to observe the waves that can be pretty large around here on windy days.

Vela Przina on September day

Vela Przina on September day

Activities & Facilities

  • Cafe/restaurant
  • Beach bar
  • Beach volleyball on a sand court
  • Parking

Dogs friendly beach?

Restrictions apply usually from Easter until the end of Summer. For the rest of the year, it is a dog-friendly place.

Type of beach


Vela Przina is family friendly all year round

Vela Przina is family-friendly all year round

Lovely afternoon on Vela Przina, not so busy

Lovely afternoon on Vela Przina, not so busy

Busy day on Vela Przina

Busy day on Vela Przina

Enjoying the beach

Enjoying the sand and small waves


Sunny day on Przina:

Cloudy and windy day on Przina:


map of the beach

Getting to Vela Przina

Getting here is easy. The nearest town to the beach is Lumbarda and it is about 20 minutes walking distance from the centre of the village.

If you are staying in Lumbarda or Korcula Town, you can quickly get here by bicycle. Walking here is also doable but make sure you don’t walk in the midday’s high heat. Getting by water taxi or boat here is good too.

Most of the people come here by bicycle

Approach to the beach

Approach to the beach

Getting here by car:

If you are driving from Korcula town or any other place on the Island, once you approach the Lumbarda village, follow the sign “beaches” which will be on your right side of the road, turning right. This direction will take you up the hill to the less busy road which circles the village to avoid the center and narrow lanes among the vineyards. Parking here is provided right behind the beach. It is paid parking in May to September period. For the rest of the year, parking is free.

Parked cars on the edge of the beach

Parked cars on the edge of the beach

Beaches nearby:

  • Bilin Zal (1 km)
  • Raznjic (2 km)