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Lumbarda Wines, Wineries and Wine Tasting

GRK white wine, a world-famous product been made here for hundreds of years. It is produced from the native grapevine variety that is considered to be one of the best white wines in Korcula island and beyond. The unique location of Grk vineyards, situated in fertile sandy fields at the eastern tip of the island is taking advantage of plenty of sunshine all year round so wine here is really good.

I did drink Grk on plenty of occasions from all of the wineries here and I must say that it is hard to decide what is the best wine or winery in Lumbarda.

In my opinion, they are all very good. I am not a wine expert but I can assure you that visiting any of these wineries will be a great experience and that these wines are truly unique and genuine local products.

If you would like to do some wine tasting in Lumbarda you don’t need to book it via any tourist agency – all you have to do is to contact one (or more) of these winemakers and pre-book your wine tasting session directly with them. They will be happy to arrange it for you for most time of the year and it will cost you much less than doing it via an agent.

There are also occasionally Lumbarda’s wine festivals when local winemakers get together and bring their bottles to the center of the village for visitors to taste them there. They happened several times a year but you don’t need to wait for it – just get in touch with winemakers and check for yourself.

Note: Besides well-known Grk wine, local families also produce some red wine (Plavac Mali) too on the southern slopes (see video) or on the locations such as the Gornje Blato field.

Here is a list of wineries to get in touch:

Bire Winery:

Bire Winery, white wine grk, lumbarda vineyard
Local wine producers with family-run winery making traditional white wine Grk.
Offering regular wine tasting at their winery/restaurant
Contact: Bire Winery, Franko Milina-Bire – (Grk Bire) Lumbarda, Kosovo, Croatia;  Tel+385 20  712 007, +385 98 344 712;

Branimir Cebalo – (Grk Cebalo) Winery:

Branimir Cebalo – (Grk Cebalo) Winery
A family-run local winery making traditional white wine Grk.
Offering regular wine tasting at their winery.
Contact: Branimir Cebalo Winery – Grk Cebalo, Vela glavica , 20263 Lumbarda, Korcula island , Croatia; Tel +385 20 712 044; +385 98 900 7534

Lovrić Winery:

Lovrić Winery, Grk white wine
Small family-run winery producing Grk white wine.
Offering regular wine tasting at their winery/restaurant
Contact: Lovrić Winery, Renci Milina-Lovrić, Lumbarda, Sutivan, Tel.: +385 20 712 052, +385 98 244 109;

Zure Winery :

Zure Winery Vineyards, Lumbarda, Korcula island
Well-known winemakers in the village, probably the largest producers of wines here include Grk, Pošip, Rebellion, Plavac mali, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Alicante Bouschet
Offering regular wine tasting at their winery/restaurant
Contact: Zure Winery, Bartul Batistić-Zure, Kosovo, 20263 Lumbarda,  Croatia, Tel +385 20 712 334, +385 91 512 8712;

Other wineries and winemakers in the village:

  • Zoran Cebalo-Popić; Lumbarda, Mala postrana, Tel.: +385 20 712 131, +385 91 884 6946
  • OPG Ivan Milina-Butara, Lumbarda, Sutivan, Tel.: +385 20 712 179, +385 98 912 4025
  • Bartul Cebalo, Lumbarda, Mala postrana, Tel.: +385 (0)20 712 099, +385 (0)91 515 9932
  • Ivica Batistić-Fidulić, Lumbarda, Tatinja, Tel.: +385 (0)20  712 090, +385 (0)91 590 0314

Map of Lumbarda Wineries:

I hope these suggestions will inspire you to find out more about the wine-making tradition in Lumbarda. Also, here are some intro videos about Croatian wines.

If you have your winery in the village that is not mentioned and would like it to be featured here, get in touch with details.